Jokes in english for kids

jokes for kids

Craking jokes or good sense of humour is very important personality trait which with no negative side effects. Clean funny jokes help your little kids to laugh out loud. You also enjoy with with their laugh,unconsciously train them to be funny to be likeable and attract attention.Jokes makes kids more open to you ,be their friend and slowly getting ready for discussion on varied topics.

Kids jokes or clean jokes for kids is what parents of 10 year olds or less look for when they want want to be more friendly ,more cool,smart with their kids.

These jokes are intentionally kept clean and iis a mix of animal jokes,riddles,puns to pack your kids with jokes any day ,any time of the year.

What is the name of innerwear of cloud?

what volcano do when they are angry?

What will you call the smartest gram?

What will you call someone who urinates frequently ?

what do you call a corn who enjoys music?

What happened to benjamin franklin when he discovered electricity ?

How does a bread react when it is surprised?

what will an I say to another I?
you will never see me

Which is the most scientific ton?

Where will Halley’s comet land on earth ?

who is the head in a bats family?

What will a tired bear say to its master?
i can not bear it any more

where are white elephants mostly found in Africa?
At their houses

what will be keys of ‘head of the goons’ be called as ?

What astronauts need in a crowded place?

What do policeman always keep while being on duty?

what will you call an old lamb travelling in a ship?

What is the name of the country for fishes?

Why this dog is unable to bark ?
He is husky

Which game will you play with someone holding a ball in our park?

What will you call the big cat with lots of courage?

What will you name a dog’s magician?

what will you call a dog who bullies others?

Why is your brother feeling sleepy?
He was in slippers all day

Why computer is never hungry ?
It has chips

What is the name of the band formed by balloons ?Popoons

What is common game between a cat and a mouse ?

Who has two eyes and they never sleep? Spectacles

Which key is used on mondays ?

What is the name of a dog walking in the summers?

How does every year ends in ?

Under what situation you always eat fast ?

What should be one word approach for difficult times like nuclear war?

What kind of tree can be in your hands ?
palm tree

Name a thing which is red and smells like blue paint
Red paint

why computer is tired and slow ?
It has less bytes

A dianosaur with great english knowledge? Thesaurus

which animal is important in human game?
A bat

If a butcher wears XL T shirt ,what does he weigh?

What will you say to small flower when you meet ?
Whats up bud

why did the computer was cold?
Its windows was open

How do computers work so much ?
by having byes

How do you keep bull away from charging ?
you take away its cards

What is a funny mountain called ? Hill -arious

How do you get hard cash ?
By putting it in freezer

What happened when dog bite the comedian?
He felt funny

Joke for the Day

joke for the day

joke for the day or joke of the day page will make your memorable with smile on your face to start your day We have challenges but jokes empathise ,mock,laugh at us and life in general.Joke for the day is you are still looking for the damn one .

joke for the day

When life gives you lemons, just sell it & make some money.Dont start making lemonades ,you suck at it 🙂

joke for the day

Females can never stop chattering . Alexa ,Cortena,Google Assistant and Siri’s girlfriend, are all ladies


John:Why so many guys suck big time
Roger:Some childhood habits don’t really go away. In fact, few grow with time


Jhony thinks he is smart. He bullied me .Jhony just trolled innocent Nancy. Jhony loves Nancy and shares his everthing .Nancy actually loves her friend. Both Nancy and i love each other.


Banker : your check has bounced.
Johny :So long it was in my drawers ,it was lying flat
Banker:Your bank has not honoured it ?
Johny:These crooked capitalist never had any honour anyways

joke for the day 

why are angry dogs always hungry ?
Barking dogs seldom bite



Jokes for Adults

jokes for adults

jokes for adults are the ones which has double meaning, indirect remarks meaning to cause laughter

what will you do with a lying pole when a beautiful lady is unable to cross it ?

What wiill hen say to her husband when he is honking ?
Dont be so horny

Where does a cat keep its honey ?

what is the name of the projectile which is standing straight?

Who is the best known jinn in Arabic stories ?

What will a cock say to a cat when he visit her house ?
May i come in please

what will you say to your pussy when she scratches your face ?
you are a cunt

What will a parent cock say to his junior ?
You belong to the dicks

What is the name of the tool used by male cock?

What will name a beautiful cat ?
A fanny

Sam : Are you still virgin?
Susan:yes,just fcked an hour earlier and need some more .Do you mind lending a helping hand ? Sam: i have my big tool.
Susan:But a tool with inexperienced hands is dagerous for machine as well as the hands.

Dr Love is a painter,what should be his collection of paintings known as ?

Which is the best course for a John and a Maria in university of life?

What will u call two Australian friends when you see them chit chatting ?

What will a machine tell a fastener when it is tightening it hard ?
Dont screw up things